Home Warranty Information

Blackshear Realty always recommends providing a 1 year home warranty for buyers.

You can make your home more attractive to potential buyers by providing a home warranty with your home.  A year of coverage will cost $375 with Old Republic and $395 with American Home Shield.  Buyers will feel confident they are protected after the sale, should any problems arise, and a home warranty can decrease the liability of the seller as well.

How a Home Warranty works:

Home warranties protect the client from unexpected expenses that arise from repairs or replacement of items covered by the warranty.  When a home warranty is in place and a problem arises, for example – the dishwasher quits working, the client will call the home warranty company to request a repair.  An independent contractor chosen through the home warranty company’s network will call the client and schedule a time to come out to the home to repair the covered item.  The client will pay a trade call fee ($60 with Old Republic or $75 AHS) when the contractor arrives to complete the service call.

Some sellers like to cover their home during the listing and selling time period.  These coverages are normally inexpensive, but can be a great value to sellers.  These plans do not cover any pre-existing conditions, but if a covered item is working and goes out during the listing period (up to 180 days) the seller will have an inexpensive repair or replacement option.

Some buyers request additional items be covered under the 1 year home warranty.  Some of these items might include swimming pool or spa equipment, limited roof leak repair, washer and dryer coverage, the kitchen refrigerator, well pump or booster pump, enhanced or extended pipe leak, and even septic tank pumping and septic system coverage including the sewage ejector pump.  Prices and availability can be found through the home warranty websites.

Our agents have worked with Old Republic Home Protection and American Home Shield in the past, and our clients have been happy with the service provided by these companies.

There are certain Limitations of Liability with any warranty or insurance service company, and these limitations as well as the plan coverages can be viewed through the company’s websites below.

A brochure with items covered will be given to the clients purchasing the warranty, and additional information can be found here:

Old Republic Home Protection: https://www.orhp.com/

American Home Shield: https://www.ahs.com/

Blackshear Realty advises clients to thoroughly research and understand the coverages they are purchasing to understand what items are covered under the warranty.  We are not affiliated with any home warranty company nor do we provide any guarantee of service from said companies.