So you’re considering buying your first home in League City?  That’s great news!   Now stop what you are doing immediately…

Most first time buyers blindly stumble into home ownership and walk away from the experience having a bad taste in their mouth. This leaves Realtors scratching their head because they know it doesn’t have to be this way. Really. 

If you want to have a stress inducing experience that may or may not end with you owning a home, stop reading. If you want to guarantee a successful path to home ownership and have an experience you can brag about to your friends and family, follow the 5 Most Important Things Home Buyers in League City Will Hear. PERIOD.

Number One: Pick a Realtor. And don’t just use the eenie-meenie method. Interview us. Ask us how many homes we have sold this year and in the last year. Set up a meeting at our office. We will NOT turn down a face to face meeting with a potential client. Hiring a good Realtor is like hiring a good attorney.

Number Two: Unlike an attorney, Relators are FREE! Yes, that’s right. Free. You don’t pay us and you never will. Commission is paid entirely by the seller. You are going to pay the same for a home with or without a Realtor, so you might as well use one. Also, the seller’s Realtor is NOT YOUR REALTOR. They are looking out for their client’s best interests and not your own. Have you ever heard the expression “Lawyer up”? Well it’s time to “Realtor up!” and get someone in your corner that’s only looking out for your best interests. 

Number Three: Before you shop, get pre-approved. Yes, it sounds boring. It kind of is. But it’s also the best way to home ownership. Your shiny new Realtor (from Blackshear Realty in League City no doubt) will most likely have several preferred Loan Originators (LO for short) that they work with on an ongoing basis. A good LO is worth their weight in gold. They can tell you how much home you can afford and how to get there if your credit needs a little work. Also, your Realtor will love you for getting this done before you drive us all over town looking at homes you might not be able to buy.

Number Four: Having an LO check your credit will not hurt your credit (most of the time). Shopping around for the right LO is important. Interviewing 2 to 3 mortgage companies and having them pull your credit will not significantly lower your credit score. Some lenders offer lower interest rates or better customer service. Choose a company that best fits your needs and stick with them.

Number Five: Closing costs are awful. Make the seller pay for them. This is of course said very tongue in cheek. While credit costs are traditionally paid by the buyer, it is possible to negotiate for the seller to pay for all or some of these costs. Make sure your Realtor and LO knows that you want the seller to pay for closing costs and they should know the best route to make sure that this happens. Blackshear Realty agents sure do.

- Garrett Morris, REALTOR®