Baytown TX Homes, Supporting Industry and Growth

The rapidly growing cities of Baytown and Mont Belvieu, located along the Gulf Coast, are homes to several Blackshear Realty sales agents, who are readily available to help those who wish to move to these charming cities. Beautiful Baytown, TX is situated along the San Jacinto River – which is part of the Port of Houston and The Houston Shipping Channel, both major worldwide ports. 

It is because of its location along this port, that both Baytown and Mont Belvieu TX have an industry that is mainly comprised of production and export. In particular, it is the Petrochemical plants that are the industrial giants of these two cities.  Mont Belvieu and Baytown are home to several major petrochemical plants, including ExxonMobil, Chevron Phillips, and Bayer.  In fact, the Exxon Refinery in Baytown is the largest refinery in the United States, and has the capability to process up to 584,000 barrels of crude oil per day.

Over the past few years Baytown and Mont Belvieu have seen tremendous growth due to many of these local plants expanding. With the growth of these plants there has been an influx of jobs, bringing in many new workers and their families to the area, causing many of the hotels, RV parks, and apartment complexes to fill up quickly as these people look for more permanent housing the area. This is why rentals are few and far between in both Mont Belvieu and Baytown, and why the housing market in this area is at such a high demand. If you happen to be looking, Blackshear Realty always has homes for sale in Baytown, TX and Mont Belvieu.

The increase in jobs has also infused the local economies with capital, which is driving the growth of both Baytown and Mont Belvieu. These areas have seen many new shopping and entertainment centers spring up over the past few years, and we are expecting many more, such as a new HEB that is planned to be finished by 2018 in Mont Belvieu along Eagle Drive and I-10, as well as many other small businesses around the Mont Belvieu area.



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