Gone are the days when new homebuyers drive around looking for homes with for sale signs in the yard.  Why would they when it is so easy type in the name of a city in a Google search and find your dream home from the comfort of your couch on a tablet or smartphone? This is the age of information, and you can look up just about anything with the click of a mouse or a few taps on your tablet.  When it comes to buying and selling homes, the game has changed, and we recognize that fact at Blackshear Realty.  

According to the National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, in 2010, 89% of buyers began their home search online. It’s now 2017 and even more buyers are now using online search engines to find their next home. This means that your pictures and online home profile are the first and most important point of contact when trying to attract buyers. The photos a prospective buyer sees online are often the deciding factor on what gets them in the door.  That is why at Blackshear Realty, we like to put the best foot forward and showcase your homes unique features with excellent photography. We hire professional photographers who specialize in real estate photography to photograph your home.  This way we maximize the marketing budget for your home and get the best exposure for your listing.  When searching for homes, a buyer is presented with an extensive list of homes to choose from. With so many options in front of them, the pictures of your home must stand out from the pack in order to attract buyers and maximize showing potential. Imagine you are looking for a home and browsing MLS listings online. You see one listing that has professional photos that are clear, bright, and give a good representation of the house and it’s unique feature. You also see  another listing where the photos are obviously taken with a cell phone, they are a little blurry, dark, and don’t accurately represent the home. Which of these two listings do you think will attract the most showings and buyers? If a buyer doesn’t like the pictures they see online, they will move on the next house. At Blackshear Realty, we truly believe that professional, quality photos help sell our clients homes faster, and at a higher price.


Below, you can see the difference in pictures:


Picture Taken With Cell Phone:

baytown house


Picture Taken by a Professional Photographer:


As you can see, the difference is obvious. This is why we go the extra mile when listing your home for sale!